• Tart Cherry Gummies
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    Tart Cherry Gummies

    Made with only organic tart cherry juice and beef gelatin, these tart cherry gummies are simple, delicious, and healthy. Tart cherries first caught my attention when I read they were a natural source of melatonin. Melatonin, as you may know, is a hormone that helps control our sleep-wake cycle. Our melatonin levels rise when it’s time to sleep and go down when it’s time to wake. Certain foods, such as tart cherry, have been found to raise our melatonin levels resulting in a better quality of sleep. With two kids under the age of four, this sounds like a very good thing to me. In addition to improving our quality…

  • This dairy-free cashew cheese recipe is grate-able, slice-able, melt-able, and the perfect topping to your paleo pizza or nachos. | superkideats.com
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    Dairy-Free Cashew Cheese

    This dairy-free cashew cheese is grate-able, slice-able, melt-able, and the perfect topping to your dairy-free pizza or nachos. Around the time his little sister was born, my son developed a taste for a few (admittedly tasty) frozen pizzas found in the health-food section of the grocery store. We were doing the best we could, but let’s be honest, we were in true survival mode at the time. However, little by little, we’ve found ways to make our favorite foods at home by using simple, nutrient-dense ingredients. We use several different cheese recipes for mac and cheese, but I really wanted a great pizza cheese and I found it by modifying…